Annual report 2022

The VCUPD Community Oversight and Advisory Committee kicked off in March 2022. The committee, a key recommendation of the VCU Safety and Well-being Advisory Committee, is charged with researching best practices, reviewing VCU Police policies, guidelines, and practices, reviewing use of force incidents and complaints, and engaging with the VCU Community and surrounding neighborhoods to raise awareness of the Committee and the rights of community members. You can read more about the committee charge here.

In year one, the committee:

  • Participated in over 8 hours of training, including VCU Police overview training led by Chief Venuti, ride alongs on the Monroe Park and Academic Medical Campuses including the VCU Medical Center, and MILO firearms simulation training.
  • Held 4 full committee meetings. Topics included how to structure the committee to ensure its long term success, VCU Police updates from VCU Police Chief John Venuti, and discussions with the Vice President for Administration, Meredith Weiss. The committee also reviewed use of force incidents and complaints in their full committee meetings.
  • Formed 2 subcommittees, one focused on communications and engagement, including building a website and complaint portal, and the other subcommittee was responsible for researching best practices.